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Year Round Comfort - High Efficiency

Low Maintenance

H2i, or HYPER HEAT Technology means that we are able to produce 100% of the rated capacity of the indoor unit down to 5 degrees outdoor temperature! 85% at minus 15 degrees!

No Backup Electric Heat Required!


ISEE Technology means that the indoor unit is able to scan the room with an infrared camera, and move heating and cooling where it is needed!

It can also SEE YOU, and redirect the air around you eliminating drafts!


hyper heating room scans to get the heat where you need it
easy maintenance with washable filters
silent outdoor unit operation means you can put them anywhere
high efficiency hyper heating down to -15F


- Triple-action filtration.

- Nano-platinum filter.

- Electrostatic anti-allergen enzyme filter.

- Deodorizing filter. 

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JBN Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning

comfort that counts when you need it at low temps
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