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$8000 Federal Energy Rebate Facts!

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While we await the federal energy rebate rollout and state adoption of these measures, here's what we currently understand:

Eligibility for these incentives hinges on your income, specifically in relation to the "area median income."

If your income falls below 80% of the area median income, you're entitled to the full $8000 rebate.

For incomes ranging between 80% and 150% of the area median, you'll receive half of the rebate amount.

It's crucial to note that the systems qualifying for these rebates represent the pinnacle of efficiency available in the market.

Investing in a high-efficiency ducted system can typically range between $15,000 and $25,000.

For instance, in Centre County:

  • A family of two with an income of $65,950 or less qualifies for the full $8000 rebate.

  • The same family earning between $65,950 and $98,925 qualifies for $4000.

  • Similarly, a family of three with an income of $74,200 or less is eligible for the full $8000 rebate, while those earning between $74,200 and $111,300 qualify for $4000.


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