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Heating and Air Conditioning

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JBN Mechanical
Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

$1000 credit!

Heat Pumps
Ductless Splits

CEE Tier 1

Ductless Mini Splits

$2000 credit!


CEE Tier 1

Heat Pumps

$2500 credit!

CEE Tier 1


30% credit!

Our Story:

Established in 2013 by John Mason in State College, PA, JBN Mechanical LLC is dedicated to providing energy-efficient and responsible residential heating and air conditioning solutions. Specializing in repair, replacement, and retrofitting of existing systems, we are experts in Tier 1 CEE rated high-efficiency systems designed to optimize home comfort.


At JBN Mechanical LLC, we offer a comprehensive selection of heat pumps, geothermal systems, ductless splits, gas furnaces, and air conditioners by American Standard, Mitsubishi and Climatemaster- all renowned for their reliability and performance in the industry.


Before founding JBN Mechanical LLC, John Mason served as the Manager of Project Planning and Estimating at Penn State's Office of Physical Plant. Concurrently pursuing a degree in Organizational Leadership, he also held the position of President of the University Staff Advisory Council, advocating for the interests of over 20,000 Penn State staff employees.


With over 30 years of experience in the commercial and residential HVAC industry, John brings a wealth of technical expertise and management leadership to JBN Mechanical LLC. Since 1993, he has maintained a universal EPA technician certification, ensuring the highest standards of quality and professionalism. 



Our Awards:

2017 Outstanding New Dealer

2018 Dealer of the Year

2020 American Standard Variable Speed Champion

2021 Dealer of the Year

2023 Heat Pump Sales Champion

5 star google contractor

Heat Pump Upgrades

Variable Speed Technology!


Todays heat pumps are amazing!

They produce much more heat at lower outdoor temperatures - and at a higher efficiency.  In terms of comfort, there is NO comparison. That drafty feeling and luke warm supply air temperatures are a thing of the past!  A properly sized and installed heat pump combined with a humidifier by APRILAIRE will make a believer out of you, and save you a ton of money. 


Variable Speed Gas Furnaces


Gas furnace technology has seen huge advances in the past decade. 

The systems we are installing today burn fuel only at the rate needed to meet the demand. 

If you are used to your furnace kicking on with a full blast of hot air and noise and then quickly shutting off, you will love the variable speed furnaces by American Standard.

You can expect slower, quieter operation and balanced temperatures throughout the home.

Ductless Splits


No room for ductwork?

The Wall Mounted Hyper Heat System by Mitsubishi delivers up to 90% of it's rated heating capacity down to 5 degrees F.  

If you dont have ductwork this is the system for you. The switch from oil or electric baseboard heat to a ductless system is sure to satisfy! 





By FAR the best solution for saving money.

If you have an older geo, and your repair and maintenance bills are climbing, consider an upgrade to todays higher efficiency systems. Use the same well your existing system us using now and start saving.


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JBN Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning

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