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30% federal tax credit on geothermal pays for your wells!



Climatemaster TEV Variable Speed Geothermal Heat Pump

26 SEER / 4.9 COP

Replace your old geothermal unit with a state of the art system reusing your existing well.

Replacement systems qualify for the Credit!



highest efficiency geothermal on the market
Climatemaster geothermal by JBN Mechanical LLC
get great discounts and credits on geothermal

Call or Text John Today!

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JBN Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning

6 Wells Drilled in a small area on the side of the property.


You don't need a lot of space.

geothermal -dig it!
start saving with geothermal today

A Well with our HDPE piping installed

free geothermal estimates and planning

Loop Header installed inside the home

for easy servicing

Deep wells for maximum efficiency

Climatemaster TEV Geothermal Unit installed with Hot Water Generator - That's right, we can make hot water from a Geo too!

clean and green and easy to maintain geothermal by JBN Mechanical LLC
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