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Noisy Heat Pump? High Electric Bills? Hot Upstairs?

I hear it all the time....

"How do we know when it's time to replace instead of repair our old heat pump? How much are we talking about, and why is it always so hot upstairs?"

A quick rule if thumb is that if your system is 15 years old and you are looking at a $500 repair or more, AND you are planning on staying in your house for at least 5 years - the answer is yes, you should be at least looking at the replacement option.

Here's why...

1. A 15 year old system needing a $500 repair is probably going to need another repair within 5 years.

2. If the above is true, then you will likely invest $1000 in a system that is at the end of useful life- within 5 years.

3. AND you are spending 40% more on electricity during those years than you would with an upgrade

4. So, if you sell, you put the house on the market in 5 years with a system that is 20 years old, or you stay in the house and ride it out.

5. If you sell, the home inspection will reveal a system that is past useful life and very inefficient by todays standards. Your utility disclosure will reveal that this is true too.

6. Now, you are at the negotiating table and the buyer wants half the installation cost of a replacement- which is 4-5 thousand dollars. (I get involved with these deals 10-15 times a year on average)

7. IF you keep the home, you will have paid higher than necessary utility bills for 5 years. This can be as high as $1,000 a year or more - and you are living with a 20 year old system, that will certainly need attention almost every year.

8. So, what have you really gained by waiting in either scenario?

9. The bottom line is that it will cost you between $7500 and $9500 to replace your heat pump. Yes, it is a big investment. But you are either going to spend it in repairs and utilities and without a warranty, or you can enjoy the benefits of a modern system by making an investment in your home while YOU are still living there.

.......The benefits of a modern variable speed system are HUGE!

Not just in efficiency, but overall comfort of your home. This is not your fathers heat pump. These new systems are efficient down to much colder temperatures today. We DO NOT rely on electric backup heat like we used to. PLUS - that "hot air rises issue" with your second floor can be eliminated using a variable speed system.

Call or Text to Find Out More - (814) 240-2455

Thanks - John

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