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Contractor Anxiety

I've had many conversatiions with customers who have been taken advantage of with unfair and sometimes illegal business practices. The problem seems to have grown significantly in the past several years in my industry.

Many of the people that I grew up with in the industry here talk regularly about the latest rip off stories.

How do you see these guys coming?

A thousand 5 star Google reviews collected at a rate of several a week; billboards and mailers, over enthusiastic technicians in new vehicles, yard signs anywhere they park a truck. A courteous text before they show up with a photo of the guy who is coming and their family status and hobbies, non stop marketing after you call.

Many of the technical people hired by these companies are simply commissioned sales people with very thin or no related experience. These kinds of companies hire almost anyone to get in your home and find a way to sell you on something - anything. They leave a wake of unhappy, often outraged customers that are covered with hundreds of great reviews.

LOOK AT YELP REVIEWS and SORT GOOGLE REVIEWS BY NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Yelp weeds out fake 5 star reviews and marketer generated reviews. Google does not care. They want contractor money and whatever creates ad revenue for Google is fine with Google. (237 billion dollars a year)

If you want to know what's wrong with your hvac system from an actual technician; and what it will actually cost and what you can expect in terms of actual life expectancy -give me a call. And don't take my word for it. Ask around about how I do things at JBN Mechanical. I own the company and I don't work off of commissions, and all my reviews are real.

Don't get scammed. Get a second opinion and never sign the ipad or miss the special discount today. Ask your friends, coworkers and neighbors about JBN Mechanical.


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