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Variable Speed vs. Multiple Speed

If you are reading this, you have probably heard from a couple of contractors already about variable speed systems.

Today we are talking specifically about variable speed heat pumps.

Variable speed is a term used to describe several types of systems.

Here they are

1. 2 Stage

2. 3 Stage

3. 5 Stage

4. Variable

5. Infinitely Variable

Sounds strange, I know, but you have to ask to find out because manufacturers are using the term variable with a great deal of variability!

Essentially what has happened is that manufacturers who want to capitalize on the popularity of variable speed are using the term - which is technically correct, albeit misleading.

True variable speed systems operate in increments of 1% of full capacity.

Not 50%

Not 33.3%

Not 20%

Not 10%

What's the big deal?

Think of it this way. What if your car only had three speeds? In many situations you would be going slower than you want or faster than you want. The same is true with heat pumps.

Heat pumps operate most efficiently at the speed required to slightly exceed the rate of heat loss of a home. Long even and slow system cycles are the cheapest to operate. Single stage systems come on and go off after delivering their full capacity - regardless of what is actually needed to offset the heat loss. Fully variable speed systems don't do that. They run most of the day on a cold cold day,, and only at the speed necessary to maintain temperature.

There' more to it.

Call me to find out more!

814 240 2455

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