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Supply Chain changes in our industry

All in all not a bad summer with regard to equipment availability but we are starting to see more of what we were expecting. Most of the systems that we sell are available with a little bit of lead time with the exception of lower efficiency products. In one case, one of our clients waited 8 weeks for a single stage lower efficiency air conditioning system but that was an outlier. The reason for the blog here is to send a friendly reminder to those of you who may be waiting to have your system replaced. We predict that shortages will continue this winter because some production facilities over seas are still shut down. It's not that the machines we sell are necessarily unavailable now, but ancillary items like like circuit breakers and wire have started to become an issue recently.

Word to the wise....

Get on the schedule soon so the equipment and materials can be ordered at least two weeks in advance. Don't get caught and have to pay into an expensive repair to get through the winter.



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