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"I hired JBN Mechanical to install heating and AC units in my house about 7 months ago. John also made several must needed repairs to the oil boiler that I use as a back up heat source. The units that I had installed have been working perfectly and the boiler worked better than ever before during the winter. For the first time in years we could actually control each zone in the house! John and his coworker were very prompt and professional during the install. John was very open and honest while putting together his bid for the job and went over pros and cons to several different ways to get done what I wanted to get done. I am very happy with the job that was done and the money was well spent. I would highly recommend JBN to anyone that is thinking about having any heating or AC work done."

-Rex, Bellefonte


My heat pump stopped working on one of the hottest days of the year, which is no good with children at home. JBN was friendly when I called, was able to come to my home quickly, he knew what the problem was immediately, ran to get the part, installed it, and I was up and running in no time - and the cost was very reasonable. He also gave me some good general maintenance advice and an idea on the remaining lifetime of the outside heat pump unit. Most importantly I'm not sweating inside my home anymore! I would highly recommend JBN Mechanical!

-Chris, State College


Our AC unit went on the fritz the hottest week on record. I called John near close of business on a Friday realizing it might be a while before we could get the unit fixed. He generously came out that night to diagnose in the fine company of a wasp nest. By the next morning the unit was fixed and AC up and running. How wonderful to work with an honest, reasonably priced, and informative service company. No hesitation calling again or referring John and JBN Mechanical to others. Thanks!

-Adrian, State College


When my AC went out I did a quick search online for an HVAC referral. I found JBN's reviews to be outstanding, so I called JBN, around 5:30PM, and left a message. John called me back around 8PM. I described the problem and he asked when I was available the next day. He came over first thing the next morning, diagnosed the problem quickly. He even invited me out to educate me what was wrong. He then went and grabbed the part, installed it, and had our unit back up and running that same morning. In an industry where people get taken advantage of all the time, John is everything you would hope to find in a pro. Honest and competent.

-Ben, State College

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