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The fake review scam. Richard! Whats happening?

fat guy in a little coat
5 star reviews, just aint true

Beware of hiring a contractor who tries to fit into someone else's blazer.

Reviews are now up for sale, and negative reviews can be easily buried. Here's someone who wants to sell me google reviews. I get offers like these several times a year

dont fall for $5 reviews
Reviews are for sale.

It's alarming to see contractors with hundreds of reviews posted at an unnatural rate of several a week. As a contractor for nearly a decade, I can tell you that only around 10% of satisfied customers usually leave a review without being incentivized. I've never solicited a review nor offered rewards, discounts, or other special deals for paid reviews. So where do all these reviews come from?

It's highly suspicious when a contractor gets more than a few 5-star reviews every week. Google doesn't validate reviews, and why should they? They generate a massive $250 billion revenue from ads each year, and competition for the top search bar space is their biggest source of revenue. As shown in the email I received, reviews can be bought for as little as $3-$5 and trickle into social media over time.

While I credit Google for helping my business get noticed, I highly recommend doing due diligence and seeking other sources of information before hiring a contractor. You can't trust 450 5-star reviews anymore. People are often deceived by contractors with "Google Pro" ratings, which is Google's latest ad space auction scheme. It's crucial to be aware that there's no oversight when it comes to contractor ratings or review solicitations.

My advice is to check your community's social media page and ask your neighbors and coworkers about their experiences with contractors. You'll undoubtedly hear about us there, and if you'd like a referral from someone who has reviewed us online, please let me know. Most of our clients are happy to provide permission for that.


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