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Dirty Power Problems

prepare you systems for power problems
surges, brown outs and high voltages

The frequency of power-related problems causing breakdowns and subsequent repairs is increasing, attributed to an aging grid struggling to cope with escalating demands and intensified storm activity. This strain on the grid is resulting in power quality issues, particularly affecting modern high-efficiency HVAC systems equipped with sensitive electronics vulnerable to voltage and amperage fluctuations.

This poses a significant concern for safeguarding these efficient systems against potential financial losses, which could offset the energy savings they promise. Implementing surge protectors presents a cost-effective solution to mitigate risks during power surges, with installation costs averaging around $200 per unit for heat pumps. Alternatively, whole-house surge protectors, installed at the electrical panel, shield all circuits in the home, typically priced at approximately $500 installed. Opting for both types of protection offers the most comprehensive defense.

In instances where sustained high voltages persist, as opposed to brief spikes, the recommendation shifts towards installing transformers to regulate voltages within acceptable parameters, ranging from $800 to $1000. Notably, certain areas, like some streets in State College and its vicinity, exhibit voltages reaching as high as 258 volts, surpassing the capacity of modern variable-speed products.

The complexity of navigating high-efficiency systems underscores the necessity for seasoned technical expertise. Engaging experienced professionals becomes crucial not only for addressing power-related concerns but also for ensuring optimal system sizing, accurate energy-saving calculations, and meeting comfort expectations.

Beware of falling prey to persuasive sales tactics, flashy advertising, or glossy promotional materials. Instead, entrust your decision-making process to a reputable contractor capable of making informed choices. We offer complimentary evaluations of existing systems and provide free estimates to guide you in safeguarding your investment.



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