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Geothermal reality

I recently completed a new geothermal installation in my own home. I do a lot of geothermal work but mainly where the wells already exist. This is the second time I have contracted to have new vertical wells dug, and it served as a reminder the complexities that come about with new geo installations.

The purpose this blog is to share what you can expect if you decide to have a new geothermal system installed in your home. Everyone is always asking what the cost is so yeah, that's here too.

Here's the steps..

  1. consultations and open or closed loop decision

  2. site inspection and subcontracting with driller

  3. well drilling including casing if necessary and grouting

  4. trenching to house

  5. pipe connections to headers outside and main lines routed inside

  6. pressure test and first inspection

  7. loop flushing and treatment with antifreeze

  8. equipment placement and connections

  9. start up and testing

  10. backfill, topsoil and seeding

This entire process takes between 4-6 weeks if you can find an available well driller quickly. With any kind of delay you are easily looking at 6-8 weeks. The yard cleanup and seeding is another 2 weeks before you are growing grass again.

A budget cost for a properly sized closed loop vertical well geothermal system for a 3800 square foot home is approximately $45,000.00

After tax credits and energy rebates


Hope this helps!


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