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It's a frustrating reality that I find myself fielding calls from homeowners who have fallen prey to various misleading sales tactics and flat out contractor fraud week after week. These include:

  1. Offers for cheap system inspections, often a guise to send inexperienced sales technicians into homes to push unnecessary products or services.

  2. Repair diagnoses that mysteriously always lead to suggestions for costly system replacements or extensive repairs, often involving inflated prices for parts and labor.

  3. Replacement proposals aimed at locking homeowners into long-term contracts, such as warranties and service agreements, which offer little to no real value.

Sadly, in many cases, I've uncovered clear instances of outright fraud. I say this with absolute confidence: members of our community are being taken advantage of every single day.

Google reviews, once a trusted source for ratings, have lost their reliability. Marketing companies and tech experts now enable unscrupulous contractors to manipulate or remove negative reviews, allowing companies with poor local reputations to maintain a perfect five-star rating.

Don't be fooled. When you need assistance with your system, call JBN. We offer genuine service without any gimmicks or sales pitches, providing the reliable expertise you can trust.

uncharges and sales gimmicks and contracts
Don't fall for 5 star contractors with dozens of reviews a week.


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